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I-Mid has died

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Hi there! I've been happy with my car for a few months, and then happened THIS.

I-mid display started blinking and even if I turn off the engine the screen still was active (it was just gray) After a couple of days, it eventually broke down during the ride.

And here is the question ladies and gentlemen:

Can I just replace it with a screen( that has a different serial number) from another civic ? Because there are no options in my country, unfortunately. Nobody wants to repair that sh1t because everybody finds it too complicated.
Thanks in advance
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stick with the same part number for your model year.

have you gone through the troubleshooting process for the display in the service manual?
Thanks for the reply! The main problem is lack of the parts. There was only one screen on the eBay with the same part number 78260-TR7-A020-M1 and guess what? It's already sold

What about your question - I didn't even see such a manual that explains my issue. I believe that my repair guy have already done his best attempting to fix that
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