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I installed my Invidia N1 about a week ago so I'm writing up a review for anyone whose in the market for a cat back exhaust system like I was a week ago lol. (I know there are numerous threads about this exhaust already including one that's hundreds of pages long) I ordered the exhaust from procivic.com on a Monday at 4:30pm, I was shocked when it was at my house by 5pm the next day! It only had one state to travel across but still impressive and I would highly recommend them, they carry several cat back systems for the Si among tons of other parts.

Installation took about 2 hours, only because I was on my own in my garage with a jack, the only PITA things were loosening the factory bolts and sliding the hangers off, to get the hangers back on easily I used hand soap, worked like a charm. I had absolutely no fitment issues at all. I know the problem most people have are rattling issues when upgrading their exhaust, I have had some rattling, but I'm not concerned because its coming from near the cat, where a weird metal bracket goes across the exhaust, I get some occasional rattle from it due to the larger diameter of the piping, but I'm simply going to remove the bracket, doesn't seem to be serving any purpose at all. I am happy to report no rattle issues from the muffler area ( I know this is where most people encounter their rattle issues.)

Most importantly, the sound. I absolutely love the sound of this exhaust, it has a nice deep tone and is no where near ricey. Its loud, but nothing TOO crazy. The exhaust comes with a silencer that I tested out the other day and it actually works great! You'll probably call me crazy when I tell you with the silencer installed the exhaust sounds similar to stock! I don't plan on using the silencer but its good to have without a doubt. I'm actually going to keep it in the car in case a cop decides to bust my balls one day. The exhaust is loudest at cold start ups, downshifts, and first getting going. Its loud from 1-5k rpm then gets almost silent when vtec kicks in 5,2-7k rpm witch I thought was little weird, but I'm not complaining. The drone doesn't bother me either, and although I haven't gone on a long road trip, the sound isn't bad on the highway either. I love this exhaust and would recommend it to anybody who is looking for a loud style exhaust, if your 30 and have a young child stick with the Q300, but if your 21 and got a Si to mod like me.. go with the N1.. not to mention its also one of the cheapest options out there.

Hope this helped anyone looking to buy a cat back! :dancingcoolsmiley:
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