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Is my ecu still tuned?

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Ok guys first of all forgive me if this is a dumb question as I am sure some will. Anyway a month ago I purchased a 9th gen 2014 si fb6 black beautiful car, the original owner had bought the car brand new off the lot while he had it he of course done about every bolt on mod possible I do have the list if anyone needs to see what has been done. My question is this I wad told he also had it dyno tuned with hondata flash pro but once I started going through the car there was no flash pro module so could it be he traded the car in with the ecu still tuned or when he took it physically out of the car the ecu went back to stock form? In my opinion the car is still tuned unless the bolt on mods with no tune made that much of a difference. So can someone please help with this question or tell me how or if there is a way I can findout. I'm still planning to buy a flashpro but I haven't had funds just yet
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Not a dumb question, but we will need more information like what actual modifications were installed?

As I'm sure you've deduced, the more likely scenario in these situations is that they flashed to the stock map and kept the Flashpro to sell. However, if it's as modified as you are implying, it would not be running well like that.

It's still possible they forgot to unlock the Flashpro from the car and it therefore still has the map for the modifications. People have chimed in here before admitting to doing that very scenario and therefore essentially turning their Flashpro into a paperweight.

The other scenario is that they had it mapped by a tuner with a Flashpro dealer unit and therefore never had a Flashpro unit themselves. This isn't the most common, but it is an option.
And yeah that's what I'm assuming because from what I can tell the car was worked on professionally all the mods appear the be installed professionally so I'm thinking whomever done the install work done the tune also.
Yeah, there's no way the car would be running right with those modifications without a custom map. Odds are good it has one if you aren't noticing any odd behavior.

I'd start trying to track down what shop(s) would have Flashpro dealer units wherever the car was purchased and you'll find the tuner.
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