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Issues With Spotify/Bluetooth - 2015 VTI-L Hatch

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Hello, I recently purchased a 2015 Civic hatch, and for some reason whenever I pair my phone to the bluetooth, and select bluetooth as the source, it says "no device connected"
I can hear the music playing through the speakers from spotify, and can see paired info such as battery
unsure what the cause is, as it makes the skip functionality on the wheel usless

Seperate to that, I am looking for any reccomndation for an aftermarket kit I should get, as I want to eventually get android auto functionality in a few months
when looking through kits, I can't tell if I should get the ampliphied version or not, this was in the version information:
Applications: Ver.1.e301.10
Device No.:951N7035
(note car has factory Navi, but I don't want that on any aftermarket kit)
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I did try that one, however after some searching I found the answer, basically some of the 9th edition head units only work on a lower version of bluetooth for transfering song information
for anyone who finds this thread in the future, this is the solution that I found which solved my problem

  1. Enable Developer Mode
    1. Settings
    2. About Phone
    3. Find Build Number at the bottom and tap on it 7 times.
    4. Enter passphrase (if applicable)
  2. Change Bluetooth AVRCP Version
    1. Settings
    2. System
    3. Advanced
    4. Developer Options
    5. Under "Networking", change Bluetooth AVRCP Version to "AVRCP 1.3" (normally it is set to "AVRCP 1.5 (Default)")
  3. Re-Add the phone to the car's Bluetooth
    1. You may need to delete your phone from the car's Bluetooth system. I didn't but you might try it if needed.
    2. Re-Add the phone to the car's Bluetooth system
    3. (my note here: You will probably need to reboot your phone for the changes to take effect-- I did.)

with that issue resolved, if anyone has any advice for swaping out the head units to one with Android auto support please let me know!
I have found a few on ebay that could work with right hand driving, however I'm dubious of the quality of some
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