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Just hoping someone or anyone can help me figure out what to do to get my car running right again

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So i recently bought and received a hondata flashpro with intentions of building my car into something more than what it is. The car is an 2013 Civic Si Coupe which is completely stock (2.4LDOHC V-tec K24z7). After a bit of reading and videos I went and put a basemap on the car only to find out a few weeks later the car would start running like complete crap. Feels like the car is bogging or feels very similar to a cylinder misfire. A few days ago I figured my best option would be to just tune the car back to factory with the factory basemap. I was able to due a quick datalog on my drive home from work this morning and will post it on this message. Any ideas, pointers, advice, or knowledge of what this datalog may be showing would be greatly appreciated
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Has plug gap even been checked? Coils swapped to see if the misfire moves? Just because they're new parts is no guarantee of anything.

The coil connections should not be discounted as a point of failure as well.
I have not done a plug gap check or coil swap. Not sure what you mean about coil connections?
The connectors to your COPs can become brittle with age and all the heat-cycles. This is very common in the S2000 world.

They can also be damaged by lazy technicians... Hence why you should check them.
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