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Just showing off my 9th gen

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This is my 2015 FB6, its sitting at 125k miles and its my second Honda civic my first being a 1997 Civic Lx sedan. So far my goal for this car is to keep it kinda oem plus and have it setup for autocross and just spirited driving. I had been in the market for one of these after living my old single civic and being slower than all my friends. I had never reaally paid attention to these cars when I was younger and they only grabbed my attention around 2016 seeing the the 2012 si's. I had originally wanted to get my hands on an FA5 before I settled for the FB6 because I wanted some of the newer tech in the 9th gens. So far I've had a lot of fun with this car, this build is going in a completely opposite direction as my last civic. This car has so far introduced me to performance mods and its helped me learn my limits of driving in a faster car and how beneficial and satisfying it is to keep a car properly maintained.

Mods I have at the moment consist of (from first to current)
- DC Sports Short Ram Air Intake
-Muffler delete
  • Purple Led license plate bulbs
  • Blacked out grille, trim
  • Sirimoto Short Shifter
  • Truhart Lowering Springs
  • Yellow Foglights
  • Ikon Style Front Lip
  • Ktuner, Basemap w/ Pop Tune and Rev Hang Del
  • Spoon Ebay Shift Knob
  • Red and Black Floor mats
  • Acuity Shifter Linkage Bushings and Acuity Throttle Pedal Spacer
  • Motegi Mr152 18x8.5 +45mm
  • Removed Mud Flaps
  • Red Tailight Tint
  • SpoilerKing Spoiler gurney flap
  • RV6 3in Catless Downpipe
  • PLM 75A Rear Motor Mount

So far the next coming mods are a 25mm Progress Sway bar and Full Aftermarket Steering wheel setup. I plan to this car to VIR and Tail of the Dragon and get some seat time on a track I also plan on going even deeper into the track aspect and getting a legit tune with an RBC Intake Manifold. I've been contemplating do a cut rear bumper to make it look more track-like and Making some kind of PCI Sideskirt design.

Below are pictures of the car as I have nothing else to say

and shameless plug I have a TikTok (Steven_Dseries) incase ppl would like to see the build

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive side-view mirror

Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Car Automotive side marker light
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Yo, this looks awesome man! I really like how the purple license plate leds bounce off the blue paint.
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I really like it man - I wasn’t sure what to expect when I scrolled down just based on the info written
But yea dude 🤙🏻 shes super clean
Yo, this looks awesome man! I really like how the purple license plate leds bounce off the blue paint.
Honestly those are one of the few things when I read in the description I’m like ughh 🫣 but it actually does look pretty sick I agree!
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Looks awesome bro. It's super clean and well put together. I really like the fog lights
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