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You're in the Honda world baby ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!

all jokes aside, yes its possible but its not a straight drop in. If I'm not mistaken the biggest issue in terms of getting it to physically fit in the engine bay is the exhaust header. The K24A header is a 4 port, the original 9th gen Si engine (K24z7) has a singe port exhaust. So you're going to have to get a custom one made, buy a custom one pre made (only seen one and it was stupid expensive), or do what I've seen others do and bang the 4 port exhaust header with a mallet to make it fit / clear the firewall. I know the placement of the oil filter is different on the K24A as well, but I don't think that's an issue as its common to relocate it to that same spot on the K24Z to run different oil pump setups that require an adapter.

now for ECU/electronics and all that you could get it work just fine but you'd have to have a ktuner or flashpro to get everything to work correctly. This is almost certainly something that has been discussed in depth @ K20a so I would search over there and/or ask around, a lot of super technical guys over there
1 - 2 of 13 Posts