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Keyless Entry Finicky - Driver side

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2014 Civic Si. Driver-side keyless entry / touch-sensitive handle area doesn't work most of the time.

  • I have to twist / flex the door handle considerably for it to recognize that I am touching it.
  • At first, when it was working more or less, it would even unlock when I got close to the door, without touching it, especially when wet.
  • Clearly, there is a wiring/connector short/open problem.
  • Passenger side works like new.

Has anyone else experienced this and fixed it? Needed a new door handle? Needed to just open up the door and play with wires / connectors?

Thank you.
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A friend had a similar problem with his Prius, after driving in torrential rain.
He used a hair blower to dry out the switches in the handle.
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