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KTuner For SI & R18 FAQ.

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Its confirmed that KTuner will be releasing a full function tuner for the 9th generation R18 and SI.Post your questions here..So rejoice R18 owners your tuning dreams are realized.They are lining up R18 owners now for testing so it shouldn't be too long until it is released.And thanks to Red13SIs thread that brought this to our attention.Anyone interested in tuning their R18?Now the time has come to start the Jackson Racing supercharger fund.
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I own a '13 SI w/ only a DC Sport SRI and Tsudo 70mm catback. I intend to keep this set-up for awhile. Does Ktuner have a base map that covers basic mods such as these? I was completely unaware that this is a reflash system like the flashpro, it definitely just sparked my interest. Especially at that price point.
Yes it does. Logging may show you that tweaks may be necessary and someone like VitViper could definitely help you out with that. If you have any other questions let me know.
So if I purchase the Ktuner system right now, it will have a base map to cover my SRI and 70mm cat-back :)
You're even covered if you decide to add a pre-cat delete.
My mind has just been blown lol. I was really going to purchase a Hondata because of all the hype, but knowing that Ktuner at least provides a base map for my mods just convinced me. Thank you and is there any way to get a glimpse of a dyno or the actual calibration?
I was reading that you have to soldrr something to the ECU. On the quickstart guide. Is this the case for a 13 SI?
I have a KTuner tuned R18 and I love it.

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Ghostmonkey, when you first uploaded a base map how was your experience with it? Did you indeed notice a difference? car was smoother? more power?
This is so sweet I have been following this thread for a few weeks and IDK what the news is lol but if it has to do with an SI i am suped. Once i get my tax refund back plus another work check I will be buying the Ktuner Flash unit. I will wait til someone spills the beans on this so called news as well :) .....Ghostmnky this means you man, when you give the word i will be ready.
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Speed density tune is done on my SI Ill post a virtual dyno of the finished tune.
Curious here, whats needed for a speed density tune and why is different/better/worse than a MAF based tune.
But what else is needed? Any additional hardware? MAP sensor?
Hmmmm can more power be produced through speed density tuning vs. MAF tuning?
I now own Ktuner for my 2013 SI, i am running off there PCD + exhaust map right now and the car feels a lot peppier. The throttle mapping is pretty sharp, typically i will have the gas pedal down 25-30% during cruising and I will be at 72-73 mph. After the reflash @ 25-30% throttle I am now cruising at nearly 80mph. I only have to push the pedal down about 60% to get near full throttle response and 100 mph comes way quicker then before lol. Can't wait to start some real tuning.
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Yea JRs very Kool.I was the 1st KTuner tuned R18.Then the 1st speed density tuned K24.

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I will be the second SI on the forum to be tuned using Ktuner I believe this is very exciting. I was recommended by JR to reach out to Kenny @ Turbo Gixxer Tuning, just purchased there E-tune package today, I will stay posted with updates.
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