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KTuner Knock Control

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Hey all!

New to the forum and to tuning in general. Wanted to post a question I had about knock control after getting my car professionally tuned. I'm curious what others think is a good range for the knock control value when balancing power with safety. Here's my current setup:

91 octane (don't think PDX has 93 anywhere that's convenient)
K&N short ram intake
Full-Race catted DP
Full-Race exhaust

Everything else related to the engine performance is stock. While driving my k.cont ranges from a low of 0.59 to a high of 0.90. Usually sits around ~0.75 for most driving conditions. When I am idling, it stay right at 0.90 and I haven't seen it go down or up from there. AFR is between 13.5 and 14.5 for most conditions and total knock counts stay pretty low, usually in single digits or low doubles for a 30m drive.

Is this tune too aggressive for a daily, or is the 0.70 - 0.80 range while driving and 0.90 when idle okay? I'd post the tune, but the shop hasn't sent it to me yet. Any info you can give to put my mind at ease would be greatly appreciated! Trying to learn :)
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Expected to be in the 50s. Thump control requirements to learn down. Hit the thruway go into sixth stuff and go light on the choke. 40ish mph, attempt to remain among vacuum and lift without going into support. Ought to go down.

snaptube vidmate
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