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I thought it might be interesting to share lists of cars we have owned during our lives.

Here's mine and it spans several decades.

In order of ownership:

1971 Ford Pinto (at least it was a four speed. M/T)

1971 AMC Javelin SST (my only real muscle car. A/T. The 360 blew the doors off a few stock Camaros)

1971 Ford Galaxy (old beater winter car. AT)

1980 Chevy Chevette (small, cheap econo box, at least it was a four speed M/T)

1976 Triumph TR7 (British electrical nightmare but it handled like a dream. Four speed M/T)

1976 Ford Mustang II (lousy West German V6, but at least it was a four speed M/T)

1966 Ford Falcon (old beater transportation car. A/T)

1984 Toyota Minivan (the motor was underneath the drivers seat. A/T)

1990 Acura Integra (fun car, but under powered. A/T)

1989 Chrysler New Yorker (donated to me by family. Definitely an Old Yorker by the time I go rid of it. A/T)

1993 Ford Mustang Convertible (Four cyl. A/T)

1993 Honda Civic LX (my last car before my new SI. I just sold it Feb 2014. Need I say more? A/T)

1980 Corvette (my first Vette. Only 200 HP and A/T to boot. It was a piece of junk from eBay. Broken frame. Buyer beware)

1988 Toyota MR2 Supercharged. (A/T but ran like a little bat out of hell!)

1977 Corvette (230 HP and A/T. Another under powered Vette. Didn't learn my lesson the first time...)

1998 Ford Windstar (I changed my mind and sold it quick. A/T)

2001 Daewoo Lanos (an old lady's car with only 4000 miles on it. I flipped it and doubled my money)

1981 Corvette (200 HP and A/T. Didn't learn my lesson the second time...but it was the best of the three Vettes)

2013 Honda Civic SI (just bought in Feb 2014 and, frankly I feel it is faster than my old Corvettes. M/T)

Now I'm ready to see your lists!!!

Please share:smile:

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In order of ownership.

94 Eg hatch. (Cai, slammed on bbs)

2000 Civic Ex (cleanest ej8 you could have ever seen in your life. Looked brand new off the lot. Cai.)

97 prelude. (276 whp. VTEC YO)

06 Si FG2 (Turbo at 390 whp)

13 FB6 ( Takeda intake, Q300, and a few cosmetic mods.)

I miss my FG2 the most.

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Well let's see...

83 Mazda MX6. First car I owned and painted.

91 Geo Metro. I know.

00 Ford Taurus.

03 Dodge Ram 1500. Loved that truck but don't miss the MPG.

92 Civic Hatch. Supercharged, Fully Built B18C1, and all the normal hatch swapped equipment.

13 Civic Si. That brings us to today...

Miss the hatch because I put a lot of sweat and blood into that ride.

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I know who U R.
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List Of All Your Cars During Your Life

71 Datsun 510 coupe
74 Merc Capri
84 Toyota pickup
85 Chevy pickup
69 Ford Galaxie XL
83 Mazda RX7
87 Toyota Supra
92 Accord
62 Ford Galaxie
69 2dr Caprice
94 Camry
66 Galaxie XL
92 Mustang convertible 5.0
68 Galaxie XL
97 Neon
01 Eclipse
67 Galaxie convertible
Ford Fiesta
03 Bug
09 Civic EX
11 Civic EXL
13 Civic EX
13 CRV

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'62 Impala SS Coupe
'65 Corsa (moded up to Stinger 240 hp Stage III)
'69 Camaro
'69 Super Beetle (cut car)
'77 Corolla SR5 Liftback
'80 Celca GT Liftback
'83 Civic Hatchback
'86 Ford POS (51 repairs in first 15 months)
'88 323 LX
'92 Saturn SC
'97 Civic EX Coupe
'03 Protege5
'13 Civic EX-L

Wish I still had the Stinger.

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in order of ownership

67 mustang gt (13.6 quarter 289 rebuilt slightly beefy with a ford 9in rear end)

93 honda civic hb (fully built b20 Vtec ran a 12.5 quarter)

01 toyota tacoma 4 door 2wd ( 18in long travel front suspension with deaver pack in the rear)

03 jetta gls 2.0 auto (hahahaha gas saver after slanging truck)

13 civic si coupe (back in the honda game after 13 years, loving being back)

miss the stang and hatch the most put a lot of hard work and hours and cash into both, truck was fun but expensive as hell when your breaking shit offroad lol :eek3dancesmiley:

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1971 Chevy Caprice Custom Classic (LOVED that car) 400 small block ran like a beast Could get single digit mpg!!
1975 Chevy Vega (POS)
1989 Ford Escort. Excellent car actually
1983 Mercury Lynx (winter beater when I lived in Ohio)
1989 Z24
1993 Civic EX Coupe
2001 Odyessy
2002 PT Cruiser
2006 Civic EX Sedan (still own)
2014 Civic EX Sedan

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In order of ownership-Also I went a long time with just bikes and no cars, I'll add those too.

1987 Pontiac Trans AM GTA-383ci TPI with a slushbox

1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX- 480awhp----broke all the time

1999 Pontiac Trans AM WS6

2000 Honda Civic Si-bone stock except for a mild drop.

1988 Ford Mustang LX 5.0 Notch back- 408ci windsor/ Hellion single turbo/ T-56 six speed/ 750whp daily driver-never broke

1995 Kawasaki Ninja EX250- first bike, still miss that one, loads of fun, even more so once I really knew what I was doing

1997 Yamaha YZF600R- first crash, hit by a texter... rebuilt to live as a track rat

1999 Yamaha R6- commuter, very reliable, over 60k miles only had to replace 2nd gear

2000 Yamaha R1

1999 Honda CBR1100xx Super Blackbird

1999 Suzuki TL1000R- track only bike

2003 Honda RC51

2004 Scion XB- I have no excuse for this one...the wife liked it :( SLOW!

2008 Kawasaki ZX-14- Drag bike

2006 Ducati 999 S- Amazing bike when it was running (rare)

2010 Ducati 1198 S- My last bike, moved to NJ and people can't drive here. Made the hard choice I would rather stay among the living.

2011 VW Golf TDI-Commuter, Crazy HWY MPG's, stupid crazy TQ for a compact car, less than reliable

2011 VW GTI- K04 swap with tons of bolt ons, 400hp

2013 Civic Si sedan- Good, fun commuter

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List Of All Your Cars During Your Life

2009 Toyota Corolla LE- ummm... You gotta start somewhere!

2012 Scion tC- fun little rattling box. I modified the engine as much as possible without going FI.

2013 Civic Si- I always drooled for FA5s/FG2s every time I saw one and when I saw that Honda didn't change the styling much, I went a little crazy for the FB6s and dumped my tC lol needless to say, I'm extremely happy with my Si and have no desire whatsoever to own any other car than the one I'm driving.

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1975 Chevy full-sized pickup; 350 V8; useful to have around but with lousy mpg.

1987 Honda Accord 2 door hatchback; should have bought a Civic hatchback instead. Reliability was a bit less Honda-like with rather frequent repairs.

2001 Civic LX much more reliable. No more timing belts after that car.

2005 Acura RSX base; much more fun and held up well

2006 Toyota Tacoma with 4X4 and V6; it replaced the little Acura when I needed a truck; quite reliable and decided I like that truck even better.

2008 Civic LX 4door; should have kept the truck as the trade in was a result in $4 a gallon gas price but kept the Civic anyway.

2013 Civic EX 4-door, a bit quieter than the previous Civic and a bit more fun.

All with automatic transmissions.

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2012 civic lx sedan (2012~present)

2005.5 mk5 jetta (2005~2013)

2005.5 mk5 jetta (2005~2008)

2005 mini cooper s (2005~2007)

2005 honda accord (2005~2008)

2004 gmc sierra 1500 (2004~2006)

1994 corrado vr6 (2004~2004)

2002 passat 1.8t (2002~2003)

1999.5 mk4 golf (1999~2002) *single wiper kit

1994 civic si in champion white (1997~2000)

1985 corolla gt-s (1990~1996)


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1982 Camaro Z28 bought 10 days before my 16th B-day for $2,300 (Threw a rod on my maiden voyage lol)
1987 Chevy Spectrum, had factory stripe package lol, the hamster in the engine bay hated me because i worked the hell out of him
1987 Chevy celebrity
1990 Chevy Corsica My first "system" car had AMP cross-over and 12" subs
1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse, First car I modded, was slow as hell but looked sweet and had a "sport mode" button that I thought was like a turbo boost....
1993 Mustang GT 5.0 5 speed Added Saleen wing also but not in this pic. K&N, Flowmasters, Under Drive Pulleys.
1993 Camaro Z-28 LT-1 6 Speed. Added Body kit and Spoiler, K&N, Pulleys, 3.73 gears, Borla Exhaust, best time was 14.1 around 95mph I think
1987 Chevy S-10 Winter vehicle beater
1986 Ford Bronco 2 2nd winter vehicle after the S-10 died
1962 Impala Sport coupe. 327 2bl. bought as project, sold when I found the next one on a parts hunt
1962 Impala SS, 283 powerglide sounded great with Cherry Bombs but really slow. This one is now on my wife's hand.
1995 Dodge Ram 5.9L Was a beast of a truck but made too many right turns into the gas station
1996 Olds Cutlass 3.6L
1997 Honda Accord 2dr.
1986 Dodge Ram (beater truck)
2001 chevy S10
2002 Chevy Prizm
2003 Dodge Caravan had built in child seats and DVD system. Was a very practical vehicle but HATED driving it. Actually received my last speeding ticket in this ass hauler.
2006 Jeep Commander 65 Edition
2011 Honda Civic LX-S Urban Titanium
2013 Honda Civic SI sedan RR
2014 Honda CRV EX Twilight Blue


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First car (2003): Honda Prelude Si 2.0
Second Car (2006): 1990 Mazda Protege sedan (terrible, terrible car. Cannot say anything good about this POS)
Third Car (2008): 1998 Volkswagen Passat 2.0 Turbo (electrical problems galore and leaked exhaust into cabin)
Fourth Car (2009): 2000 Honda Civic EX Sedan (This is how a car should be - reliable, fun, safe, economical)
Fifth Car (2014): 2014 Honda Civic EX Sedan (Again, this is what I love in a car. The tech upgrades really sealed it for me. Amazing MPG, comfortable, and fun commuter)

After the Volkswagen and the Mazda, I pretty much decided that Honda is the brand for me. I'm not blindly loyal, but up to now, I (and my family) have never been let down - not once! Can't argue with that.

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1977-Ford Thunderbird-It was actually my Dads but I drove it while in highschool. Had a 351 Windsor but didn't really have thta much power. The car was really "floaty" at higher speeds.

1983 Mecrury Lynx-great in the snow, but had a horrible automatic transmission and no power

1971 Nova-2 door with factory 4 speed and 345hp/350ci engine. This car was an absolute beast. My only loss (close) was to a friend who had a mid 12 second Chevelle.

1994 Ford Escort-Great little car with a 5 speed. Great on gas, and was reliable.

1994 Taurus SHO-Luxury and good power. The 60k maintenance was a nightmare. $8 sparkplugs and $200 plug wire sets? It did turn a lot of heads when I popped the hood or especially when it left cars that a Taurus shouldn't be able to beat behind.

2001 Nissan Frontier-bare bones 4x2 with 5 speed and manual roll up windows. It wasn't a bad little truck. Had to get rid of with baby on the way.

2004 Subaru WRX-I wanted one since they came to the states in 2002. My wife suggested I get one to replace my Frontier. This car responded very well to a full turbo back non catted exhaust. Very quick.

2013-Honda Si-current

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1981 honda accord (1990)
1986 f-150 (1992)
1986 Eco work van (1993)
1990 Hyundai sedan (1994)
1993 Nissan pick up (1994)
1996 ford ranger (1996)
1998 honda civic ex (1998)
1999 honda civic si (1999)
2001 dodge Dakota (2001)
2002 ford windstar (2003)
2005 Lincoln ls (2007)
2009 honda civic si sedan (2009) (still own)
2012 honda civic si sedan (2012) (daily driver)

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I don't remember the dates of when I had each vehicle so i'll just list them in order of possession.

1994 Geo Prizm
2002 Chey Camaro
2004 Jeep Wrangler X
2002 Hyundai Elantra GT
1988 Jeep Comache pioneer
1994 Renalt Clio
1993 BMW 540i
2009 Jeep Wrangler X
2004 Cadillac CTS-V
2010 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport
2013 Honda Civic Si

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1985 Chevy Impala (1996) - Great first car, had a 4 barrel so you would watch the gas gauge move down.
1988 Ford Tempo (1997) - Worst car ever made, had the hood fly up into windshield
1990 Dodge Daytona V6 (1999) - Second worst car ever, found crack pipe in engine bay. Leaked so much smoke
2001 Saturn SL (2001) - Great on gas, about it.
2005 Scion tC (2005) - Loved this car, comfortable, could fit a ton in the back, dependable.
2013 Honda Civic Si (2013) - current - needed 4 doors
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