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This is a quick and dirty write up on how to remove the lower grille section to let your intercooler breathe.
Wheel Automotive side marker light Automotive parking light Vehicle registration plate Tire

We'll start with a quick description on dropping the front end (just ping me if you have questions, but I think there are much better writeups on this here already)
First we remove clips from the radiator cowl:
Automotive tire Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive design

Then we remove the clips under the bumper (just the ones furthest back from front for now):
Automotive parking light Automotive lighting Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Hood

You'll have to turn your wheels for access, but one phillip head screw from the wheel well into the front bumper on both sides:
Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Automotive tire

Then we pull out on the area we just removed those screws, and push the front end straight away from the car.
(I like to do this by clasping the area pictured with one hand, and then hammer fisting the back of that hand with my free hand for a quick outward motion)
Hood Automotive lighting Automotive tire Bicycle tire Trunk

Supercharged 2014 Fb6
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From here we remove the outer trim and fog light housings:
Starting with these screws:
Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle Bumper Automotive exterior

Then the top and bottom row of clips:
Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bumper Vehicle door
Hood Automotive tire Automotive lighting Sleeve Gesture
Automotive tire Wood Bumper Engineering Electrical wiring

For me the fog light housings come right out, but the out lower grille needed some more unclipping:
Tire Bicycle tire Wheel Automotive tire Hood

From there we remove the remaining under body clips:
Wood Gas Asphalt Brick Automotive wheel system

And now the brush guard and inner lower grille will slide out:
Automotive tire Air gun Bumper Gesture Tread

And somehow I've lost the picture of the part before cutting...
But you have to cut the inner lower grille off of the brush guard.
I'll go out and get a pick of the inner lower grille after it has been cut off for reference.


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