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Mostly working full phone mirroring through MirrorLink

My setup

2015 Civic Si (no Navi)

Samsung Galaxy Note5 (verizon)
Marshmallow 6.0.1
MirrorLink 1.1
Nova Launcher (not sure Launcher matters, but the home screen can rotate with Nova)

First download LG MirrorDrive from the PlayStore

or just search LG MirrorDrive in the PlayStore

1. Connect the phone to the car through MirrorLink (plug it in to the USB port)

2. Go to apps on the head unit (click the arrows pointing right on the main screen) and select LG MirrorDrive

3. It will either tell you "Unable to start the app" or it will take you to your phone screen with a toast message stating "LG MirrorDrive only works with LG phones that support MirrorLink."
Like this:
IMG_20161020_204529122_BURST001.jpg IMG_20161020_204318430.jpg

If you get "Unable to start the app", wait for the message to disappear and keep trying, sometimes it takes a few tries, sometimes you get it on the first try.

Here's where the "mostly" working comes in, once you have your phone screen mirrored, any time you open an app it's going to kick you out to the main infotainment screen, when this happens, just open LG MirrorDrive again, and you're back to your mirrored phone screen and the app you had opened will be fully functional.

Now, this was with my Note5, and I have not tested it with any other phone, Android version, launcher, or car. I assume it works with any phone running MirrorLink 1.1 and similar Honda infotainment system. If you have an LG this trick most likely won't work as the app will most likely work as intended.

Some pics

Apps Screen:

Main screen with message:


Google Maps:

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Thank you for the great information you've shared. I have an S7 and it works.

Since Android auto now works with any phone. I just launch lg mirrordrive and open android auto.

One minor drawback is every single time I switch an APP it kicks me out so I have to reopen the app.

I had several time where mirrorlink worked flawlessly. It happened twice where the mirrordrive does not kick me out at all while switching apps from the screen.
For Example. Open android auto and going back and forth to different options like navigation to music or phone calling to navigation.

I am not able to figure it out how to do this. It will be awesome if it works. There must be a way to do it since it worked several times already.. I just cant figure it out. If you know an answer please share!

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still nothing with iphone huh? I spent $100+ on a stupid HDMI cable for nothing.......
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