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Hi all,

Here is an update from my previous post

Well after about a month in the shop and nearly $6000 later, I got my baby back lookin brand new!

The extra warranty I bought with the car ended up being useless (I didn't read the fine print). At least I had my car insurance to cover it, tho I'm sure I'll see my rates go up :(

I decided against buying a junker car to drive to work. It would have cost me $3-4K for the car, + insurance, +maintenance issues. I didn't want to get stuck dealing with a bunch of issues. Plus I love my SI as a daily commuter.

I bought a really nice car cover for work. NOAH Barrier Fabric Car Covers from Covercraft.
I'm also looking into applying a coating to my paint. Specifically I was looking at these:

Optimum Opti-Coat 2.0 Permanent Paint Coating
Chemical Guys WAC_224_02 - SS6 Second Skin Hybrid Vehicle Coating System (2 oz)
Wolf’s Chemicals The Mask Spray On Protection

Anyways, just wanted to fill you in. If you have any recommendations on paint coatings or sealants I'd love to hear!


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Keep an eye on the cover. Acid that eats through paint will do similar or worse damage to a cover. And then the paint again after subsequent events.
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