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2012 Civic Si Sedan
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Hey Everyone,

Just picked up a 2012 Civic Si Sedan with only 32000 miles / one owner. It was so clean the dealer had it in the showroom not on the lot (only used car in there). I'm in Orlando / Central Florida.

Was a great buy, I am super happy with the car, I've been car shopping for a year (drove me insane nearly, looked at trucks, 4x4 SUVs, Hellcat Charger, mustangs, beemers, newer hondas) and snatched this one up.

My previous rides (ownership oldest to newest)
  • 1992 Volvo 940 Turbo
  • 1990 Honda Prelude
  • 1997 Volvo 850 GLT (Light Pressure Turbo)
  • 2001 Honda Prelude
  • 1992 Honda Civic w/ B20 swap and Si Transmission
  • 2002 Honda Accord Sedan (5 speed man)
  • 2006 Volvo S60R (6 speed man, straight piped)
  • 2015 Ford Focus ST (intercooler, catless downpipe, straightpiped CBE, intake, solid motor mounts, custom tune)
  • 2017 Dodge Challenger RT (6 speed man, bone stock)
  • 2007 Honda Civic EX Coupe (Auto) now the wife's car / my daily

I'm super happy to have a Honda again. The refinement compared to my old Hondas to this one is insane, I love the car.

Compared to the Focus ST, the pros are better interior, linear power band, LSD, and the comfort of the ride. The focus has pros in overall power (very mid range and binary though...) and pure handling (but sacrifices comfort and ride quality big time)

I've been racking my brains over what mods to do the new Civic. Started off with full Acuity shift kit, pricey decision but I had to step up the Civic shifter feel to the level of my Focus (also had shift kit) and my challenger (best shifter I ever had even as stock)

If there was an easy path for N/A power on the 9th gen I would be all over it and make this a poor mans GT3 RS :ROFLMAO: however, it seems form my research that there is not much easy bolt ons besides downpipe and IM. K20 head swap seems not worth it, anything else would be boost money but with sub 75 hp N/A gains.

Therefore, I've decided on boost. With the headifold design, turbo makes more sense to me and I am not a huge fan of the Kraftwerks Rotrex which is the only supercharger offering still in manufacturing / market available.

The PRL, Fullrace and Makspeed turbo kits look like top notch/quality offerings. For the quality and plug and play fitment of these kits they certainly seem worth it.

However, I think I can go a custom turbo route and do better on budget. I'm an engineer and it bugs me a little inside to shell 4000 - 5000$ out for the kits when I could devise my own solutions. I have not seen a custom turbo build thread on the forum (anyone know of one?) and would love to have a build thread on here documenting my components / $ spent and build. I have more research to do but I am estimating I can do something (hot/cold turbo parts only) for around 1500 - 2500$ depending on my thriftiness, whether buying new or used parts, and the amount of ingenuity/elbow grease I apply and save some cash for other parts or other projects.

The goal would be 300 - 400 HP and relatively reliable. I am not too worried about peak output as much as I am linearity of power. A man needs a hobby and this seems a little more challenging than buying a ready to go kit. Lucky to have a plethora of good tuners for Hondas in Orlando and looking forward to getting to that point. Well, I hope to be back on here with new content... may be months or a year away. i'll be lurking in the mean time.

Love the understated look of the 2012.


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Welcome to 9th gen.

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Welcome aboard and congrats on your purchase, it looks beautiful! There is a ton of information about our platform with supporting vendors who can get you where you want to go. Enjoy your new ride and your time here!
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