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Firstly... Single tear for Nerlins, just when one and done was becoming ok, now we have coach Cal bringing us 1/2 and done, albeit unintentionally. Sorry, wrong thread. Oh yeah:

Recent new owner of 2012 CBP Si Coupe! Yay! Color choice was grating but went "safe" with black, as well as convenient as was readily available. Not a RR kinda guy, don't think I could rock it. Kinda wish I had gone TW cause they are clean as what. Couldnt go with DBP after seeing the ? insanely sweet blue pearl on an accord coupe they had. Theres some hint of green or something in the DBP that threw me when i saw it in person. The turbod car I see all over (bismoto?) is not stock blue, is it? It looks different to me, but of course i have not seen it in person. I dig the idea of the SBO but not my style, either. But black is acceptable, if higher maintenance. And by acceptable I mean super awesome.

And then there are rims... Holy cow, I spent a loooooooot of time on tirerack looking at wheels, not to mention the threads here and other places. there are some fugly rims out there and lots of boring ones. Long story short, leaning towards white 17s. One dude painted his stock rims, Mike12, but he may be on a different forum, I can't remember. They looked nice, but too many jagged angles in the stock rim for me. The si is supposed to be sharp and bite a bit, but not too sharp, it's also smooth, and the hfp rims do a better job at striking that balance. Stock rims also have to look good on all colors, so they choose the plain aluminum. Decent but not optimal IMO. So, gonna look for some full but not overpowering white and perhaps add a minuscule amount of red, like center cap H's or lug nuts.

The drop: gimme a tad lower than hfp but save me from dealing with weird angles and road scrape and anything I would ever have to devote extra time and energy to other than getting new suspension placed.

The tint: obviously. To legal limit.

The badge: again, obviously. Red Jdm please. This is really a racket, they know exactly what they're doing with giving us si's without red emblems.

The tune: not a tuner but this car seems designed with bolt ons in minds. All the extra space for exhaust components and even a nice pocket for an inter cooler up front. I mean, it's just dead space there, had to be left on purpose. And now we have the hondata thingamabobber, so we can go fast, right? Faster, then. If we have 5 grand. Maybe after a while.

The hang: the rev hang, if you change gears fast you can avoid it but not if you go neutral, right? Kinda annoying, but I don't lose sleep over it.

The handling: I have really enjoyed how this car handles. I'm not coming from anything nice, rather, coming from a 97 skylark, but thus far have been very happy. Actually been driving a 2012 Altima lately on and off and the steering and body response is night and day. Noticed it immediately.

The verdict: I like this car. Looks better than 8th gen IMO but kinda has a bubble but (more noticeable on the coupe than the sedan).
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