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New to Civic SI

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Just bought a 2014 civic si sedan, looking for a fairly priced Sri/ exhaust kit combo without having to purchase a flashpro. I was looking to pay for it to get tuned once everything is installed. Any suggestions?
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Welcome to the club lol I have a 14 si sedan as well.

I have a K&N SRI. I haven't felt much a difference in performance but the noise it makes is incredible. I put mine on in about May and have had it on all summer. Even in July with all those 95 degree days heat soak was never really much of a problem. I didn't have to move my battery either (which voids warranty on the car).

I do agree with that thread though, if you are going for just straight performance a CAI is probably the way to go.
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Yes that is what i meant. should have explained that i guess lol
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