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Northeast New England(MA/RI/NH) Meet/Tech/Chat

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Figure Since no one has done it in my area I would...

Any one in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, or close by,
Come into this thread! WELCOME!

Lets see how many 9th gen owners we have around!
Possible meet in the near future! (once everyone gets their civics)

Also help with mods if you guys are close by you can help each other.. I'm down to help out!

General questions, tech questions, Chat! Anything Goes..Introduce yourself and post a Pic of your Ride!

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Hey guys, I'm Mike from RI. I've been lurking for a few months been busy with work but now I have time to meet and greet.

Anyone heading to import wars on Oct 17 at New england dragway? I figured it would be a good place to meetup.

Anyways, I have a 15' CBP Si Bone stock except Flashpro W/ Vittune and K&N drop-in. I also have 35% tint all around.
Whats up everyone? I'm Kevin from MA. 2015 OFP FG4. Any meet ups or anything?
Hey Kev, yea I'm not sure if anyone is meeting up at the moment. It's been pretty dead in here as of right now.

I would also like to do a meet before winter sets in.
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Where-abouts? I'm from Coventry, but work in Warwick
I'm from West Warwick, I work in quonset. I used to live and work in Warwick when I was younger.
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Hey baron, was that you that blipped the throttle at me when I was pulling out of new london plaza yesterday? If it was your car looks good man.
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Hey guys anyone heading up to import face-off up at New england dragway this coming weekend? (15th)

I'm thinking about going but was curious to see if anyone wanted to meetup beforehand and drive up together.
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Hey Russ I'm Mike. Congrats and welcome to 9th gen.

Car looks great and nice color choice!! You looking to mod it in the future?
YES SIR lol Got a few ideas. Really want to lower it but the roads here suck so I know it will prob be more hassle than it is worth.

Where are you in RI? I am in the East Bay.
Sorry I just seen your post here. Yea I'm in Warwick/West Warwick area
Hey guys. There is an upcoming show at New England Dragway on August 21. It's the Honda Invasion. I'm debating on going but wanted to see if anyone wanted to maybe meetup somewhere and go for a cruise there.

Here is the link to it:


PM me if interested.
I am going out on a limb here to say not many from this area are going
Yea, I'd figured I'd ask anyways :)
No worries, I'll keep you guys updated on more upcoming events.
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