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Northeast New England(MA/RI/NH) Meet/Tech/Chat

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Figure Since no one has done it in my area I would...

Any one in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, or close by,
Come into this thread! WELCOME!

Lets see how many 9th gen owners we have around!
Possible meet in the near future! (once everyone gets their civics)

Also help with mods if you guys are close by you can help each other.. I'm down to help out!

General questions, tech questions, Chat! Anything Goes..Introduce yourself and post a Pic of your Ride!

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Hey all,

Picked up my 2013 Red Civic Si in the beginning of 2014.
Love this little car.

I cannot wait to have money again :)
I am going out on a limb here to say not many from this area are going
It's cool man.
I would throw down and go with, but my 2 boys are not old enough yet for the road trip.
Let alone the shear amount of awesomeness that weekend would bring.
Maybe next year
love it
1 - 4 of 192 Posts
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