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Northeast New England(MA/RI/NH) Meet/Tech/Chat

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Figure Since no one has done it in my area I would...

Any one in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, or close by,
Come into this thread! WELCOME!

Lets see how many 9th gen owners we have around!
Possible meet in the near future! (once everyone gets their civics)

Also help with mods if you guys are close by you can help each other.. I'm down to help out!

General questions, tech questions, Chat! Anything Goes..Introduce yourself and post a Pic of your Ride!

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Location: MA ( MiddleSex County)
Car: 2012 Civic LX TW 4DR
Current MODs: 35 % Tints all around, non-Custom Seat Covers
Future MODs: For next week: [Exterior] 18" 8th gen HFP wheels, Low pros 215/35/18, HIDs, Si Grill Base [window visors maybe sept]
[Interior] Double din Tv, Subs, Amps, Speakers

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Beat me to it.

Name: Chris
Location: Manchester, NH
Car: 2012 PMM 5-speed Civic
Current MODs: Full interior LEDs, license plate LED, tinted license plate cover, all-weather floor mats, trunk tray, and splash guards
Future MODs: Door visors, retro fit headlights, HIDs, HFP wheels, SI grille, and acold air intake
Nice to meet you chriss..I kept searching for it but could never find it... i saw a spotted thread but that was it...

btw Nice mods man..
Do you have the oem leds on the inside or did you go after market?
I heard the oem one were not too bright.. does it make a big diff on interior?
I want the floor matss though.. how are they?? do the black mats contrast with your interior.. i have the grey stone interior and i know the mats only come in black or beige so let me know..
post some picss!

Ill be installing the SI grill monday or tuesday so ill make sure to hook it up with pics and all the details on the install..hopefully well get more people in here soon!
Nice to mee you too.

I went with the aftermarket LEDs from College Hills Honda. I think it makes a big difference, it's so much brighter. The mats are great, they fit perfect. The black looks good against the grey interior. I post some pictures as soon as I clean the car inside and out either tomorrow or Monday (depending on the weather).

I'd love to see some pictures of the SI grille.

Another MOD I'd like to do is LED daytime running lights. But, I'm planning on doing that after a retro fit and some bright lo-beam HIDs because I'd be losing my hi-beams.

Yeah.. ill def be doing a DIY.. and ill post the pics here too.. ive noticed alot of people are itching to do their retrofits... another member had an interesting idea of taking retrofits from the 2012 jdm civics.. heres the link
Also im sure the LED on the highbeam will be another task just like on the 8thgen.. hopefully theres an easy way to do it without making the computer go bananas...and turning on like 80 dash lights.. cant wait to see how the black mats look against the grey interior... i will make my decision on how ur pics look
Guesss is just me and you up in the northeastt Bummerrrr
Man link em this threadd i want to get more people so we can have a possiblee meet in the near future before its like -40 degreess out LOL...you know this winter prob gonna be worse than last!! by the way im installing the radio and the grill tommrow.. so ill let u know how that goes... also vinyl wrapping the roof prob friday.... I did my rear speakers today too... wasnt too badd
Hey Mike welcome to the thread... nice to see at least one more person from the new england area... btw the splash guards body color was a great idea..definately would look better than just black..i personally opted out of the splashguards....

also i finished installing my radio.... heres the write up on it ...ill upload pics tommorow if i can finally get my rims on there!

alright guys the deed is done!!!! awsome news!! it does work!!!
I was able to mount the stock brackets from the stock Navigation unit which i ordered offline onto the pioneer avh 2300....then screw that into the center panel that comes on the civics with navigation ...which i also ordered online...and then everything lines up and clips in and i am able to use the original screws to screw it in from the bottom of the radio... difficulty 1-10 ... about 2-3... i have pics but im at work right noww.....but if you guys want to do it ...go for it...

as for the I-mid...no errors.. but the radio slide is no longer present...
the stock usb input works for the imid but does not hook up to the radio anymore...

the avh2300 has auxilary input and usb so thats no issue for me...

as for any gaps... no gaps.. looks flush stock.. You do need to have the decorative panel for your new radio though.....

pretty much behind the stock radio, there are 3 harnesses.. the big main one.. which are pictured (has all the speaker wires on it) and then two others... those two others are now just hanging out back there... so im sure if you find some kind of adapter for those you might be able to hook them up and have the imid function perhaps...

any specfiic questions let me know...I also installed the rear deck speakers....if you want help with those let me know...its just such a pain to take pics while your concentrated on doing something... but pm and i can walk you through it difficulty from 1-10 on rear speakers ... id say 4-5...just becaue you have to remove a few things but its doable and should take you no more than 30 minutes... Ill did DIY but no pics yet..
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heres an update on my car guys... i thought i posted this but i guest not...

- I had no issues with the tpms for the rims.. they are indeed the same as the 08-11 installed right on to 07 HFP wheels no problemo.. no tpms lights came on..these are 8th gen 2007 18 inch HFP wheels.

- HIDs- 4300k pure white ( no blue tint)

- Tints 35 % all around

- Radio (finally installed) avic 2300 doubledin on the lx

- How to run your own wires into the car and trunk for amps

-Front Si grill swap(i have not done it yet but el tomcat has he posted a pic in this thread) my grill still in the living room been raining last few days

Roof Vinyl diy- Coming next week
Grill swap diy- coming next week
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Well i had mine tinted at Eastern Tint CO. in charlestown, MA just becuase they offered a better price than tint king and also did a lifetime warranty... the guys did an awsome job no air bubbless not even on the first day or first week.. nadaaa... very happy with their work..i think our civics get charged a little extra because of the little windows in the front.. but my only two options were either Eastern Tint CO or TINT KING...other tinting places are all shady

ps doesnt look light at all for being 35% all arouund.. I was going to do the back rear window 20 % to reduce the overall amount of light inside the car making the regular 35 % look even darker .. but then i was like forget it I dont want the cops hasseling meee

Finally able to upload my pics in good quality

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:( Seems like were not going to get many more people in heree :(
Anyways Mike did you throw the splashguards on?? Post some pics...
Here is my latest:
added the Si grill... and vinyled my roof!
if you guys want to know how to swap the grill i can guide you step by step...

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Looks good. I wish I went through CHH for my Si grill, Majestic Honda is taking forever. They said my order is "in process and will ship sometime in the middle of next week."
You know what it is they are on back order... but when i ordered the base... it came like the next day with ground shipping... the top black piece took like 3 days... there pretty close, there right in rhode island..also chris make sure you get an emblem!! as you will not be able to take your emblem off the regular grill without breaking it... i did not even attempt it but it was the same in my 08 civic.. also another 9th gen member broke his..its put in with these like pressure clamps so if you pull it youll break it...and there is no way to remove the clamps as they are circular and flat against the emblem... so youll end up having to superglue on... better off spending the extra 13 bucks...let me know wen you get it..i can help you out
I figured they're on back order. Atfer looking over your whole Si grill thread, I made sure to order the "H" emblem lol. I'll let you know if I need help once it arrives.

I also ordered a driver's side mirror skull cap with the Si grill setup. I tried the Turtle Wax Scratch Repair Kit and the end result looks terrible. Any idea how the skull cap comes off? Like everything else on the 9th generation, is it just held on by clips?

u talking about the piece on the side mirror itself?? like the body color piece... if so i dont know ... or u mean the black piece like btw door and fender
Yeah the body colored piece.

#'s 1/7 pictured here:
Honda Automotive Parts

I thought maybe the screws underneath the mirror had something to do with attaching the skull cap, but they look small from the diagram.

yeah i see... i dont know thoughh... i mean with what a new cap cost..and the work.. i think its better if you just take it to a shop and have em do the side mirror over... u shouldnt have probs with paint not matching cz the car is still new so the paint is new...no fade to factor in.. honestly i dont see them charging you over 70 dollars to do that..
The cap is only $15 and it comes painted. I figured I'd try this first rather than deal with the cost of a body shop. I'll just have to fiddle with it once I get it. From looking at the diagram, it looks like it pops off. I just went out to look under the mirror, there's no screws. They must be inside.

If the sidew mirrors are like the rest of the car..id figure ur first diagnosis was right... theres prob 2 screws and then clips...remember just be gentle.. dont wanna mess anything else up
I got the skull cap off with a little muscle, but yes it just clips on.

Is that the new one already installed?
If it is good stuff ..no more scrattch! woohoo
ever consider the 3m clear guards for like the front bumper and hood and stuff
Sweet guys... any pics of the retrofits mike???

I have been taking it easy lately... im pretty happy with everything i did with the car... i just have to tint the tail lights and now just waiting on that hfp lip kit and ill be all set.....pretty much
Yea i am in waltham,ma

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I'm in the Boston area too, just started reading this thread today looks like it was a slow start but I think we got a good amount of people now. No?
Im down :)

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Northeast/New england 9thgen crew see link below

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