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NY Spotted Thread

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Spotted a Rallye Red Si sedan on the Staten Island Expressway at about 11:45 am today. My husband and I were in our Si coupe. We waved. Hope to see you post
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Spotted a silver 9thgen sedan on rockaway pkwy right after the belt play roundabout heading north in Brooklyn today around 2pm. Had tinted tails hids and a back window spoiler. Look real good from what I saw. Couldn't tell of it was an ex or si cuz I was in my passenger seat. Inspiring.
Damn that silver sedan around 2 pm that was me I have the whale tail in the back. What's up man did you hunk.

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Nah I didn't honk my bf was driving he spotted u lol. U have an si or ex? Next time I'll honk!!
I was headed towards the belt u were headed away. Both of us at the light on shore pkwy ( the street after the roundabout). The construction stuff was in the way tho.
Spotted a ralleye red si sedan today near csi around 6:30pm. My first 9th gen si siting yay!!!!!
work in staten island and have not seen any other 12' si's , wait no i've seen a white coupe that's it on forest ave , ANYONE here with that car ?! i drive a DBP coupe and am always near or on forest ave !!!!!!!!:haysmiley:
Yea a white coupe, I've seen it parked at csi. Never seen u before. I've seen black Si sedan, n coupe, and a red Si sedan and a white Si sedan. No blue. I have an asm Si sedan.

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Ok im around the duane reade everyday from 1-6 if you pass there at all .
Don't know where the Duane reade is. I'm from bklyn, I jus go to school at csi. I'm more on victory and Richmond. Not much on forest ave. when my bf comes with me tho he drives everywhere lol.

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Spotted a pmm Si sedan on flatlands ave in Brooklyn by breukelen houses. Tinted windows yellow fogs hids and red Hs. Looked good. Oh n plastidip Si rims.

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Spotted this '13 Si on Jackie Robison exiting on woodhAven blvd Vehicle Atmospheric phenomenon Car Mode of transport Tree

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Spotted a cbp Si sedan at school today. Nice ride. Tinted tails windows visors. I should've waved at u but I'm shy. :)

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