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NY Spotted Thread

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Spotted a Rallye Red Si sedan on the Staten Island Expressway at about 11:45 am today. My husband and I were in our Si coupe. We waved. Hope to see you post
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Okay, today, a RR Si Sedan with what looked like hfp 18"ers and lowered, south on Willis Ave, turning onto westbound Northern Pkwy. It looked trick enough to be one of ours. Anyone?
About 3:30pm today, on Sunrise Hwy in Rockville Centre through Bellmore, there was a '13 PMM Si sedan riding along just behind, and with me. What made me take (more) notice was that the chrome trim, and wheels, were blacked out, much the way so many of us do it here.

When we finally pulled up to a stop close enough to talk, I asked the driver if he was on 9th gen civic, which he wasn't. He said he would check it out, and maybe join.

Although he had no red on his car, he asked me what I thought of red. I said other than some trim on the wheels, I wasn't a big fan, but it's his car (if he was thinking of adding some).

I liked his car, and told him so.

So maybe we'll have another new member soon. Ya never know.
Black '14 or '15 EX coupe on the westbound Belt Pkwy, maybe Tuesday morning.

I bring it up only because all the chrome emblems were red pdipped, and there was a red tow hook. The pdip looked good and transformed the whole car.

Although this occurred in Queens, this will also be posted in the LI Spotted Thread because Queens is technically on LI.
1 - 3 of 88 Posts
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