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Hey everyone, I'm about to pull the trigger on coilovers soon, but I'm trying to make final decisions. I've been eyeing the BC Racing coilovers all along now and now I'm considering the Tein Street Advance coils as well.

I'm not really worried about the levels of dampening (BC's pretty much have twice as many possible adjustments).

The BC's come with a pillowball upper mount with camber adjustments, however, pillowball upper mounts sacrifice comfort for a more precise steering and greater stiffness, along with louder noise. But, the pillowball upper mounts that come with the BC's do allow camber adjustments. I won't ever track my car and I would love to keep comfort high as much as possible when lowering my car.

So, if I were to get the Tein's, would I need to eventually replace the OEM rubber mounts? Would they wear out over time compared to the metal pillowball mounts? Also, what would I need to buy to account for camber adjustments since I won't have the camber adjustments up top? Any feedback/advice would be greatly appreciated!
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