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Official 9th gen Chicago Meet Fri. Jan 4th Hooters!

Hey guys, Iv'e been a member on this forum for about a year and half now, and noticed that for some time now the Chicago land area members haven't really held an event for our members. So today im inviting anyone nearby the Chicago Land, and members especially of the Chicago 9th gen civic Club, and anyone around the area who is interested, to come to a local Hooters Meet, being Held on Jan 4th, 2012.Would love to have a sweet turn out of 9th gen civics!. Come on out and enjoy a nice meal with fellow members

Time: 8:00 pm CST (Evening)

Other Activities:
If members are interested, we can cruise from the hooters to downtown, and hold a photo shoot in the Chicago shed aquarium, and other nice areas downtown that would serve as a sweet background for pics!!

All you have to do if interested: is Post on this thread "I'm In"!

Hope to see you guys out there this friday, now that the holidays are over and things are settling down would be a perfect time to finally hold one of these events

Hooters on Higgins Rd in Chicago, IL - 773-714-0193 | Restaurants CMac.ws (The link provides , the address of the location along with a map to help you guys get there)

It is conveniently located next to Chicago, and close to northwest suburbs for you people up there!!

Lets get it!!

Chitowncivic :wigglesmiley:

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What time were you thinking? My daughter has basketball practice until 7 but its only about 5 minutes away from that area.
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