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Oil liters

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Just a quick question, my 2015 ex takes 3.7l of oil (w/of). Would it be okay if I only add 3l and then change the oil again after 3000km?
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Just put in the recommended amount. I use a dedicated measuring cup for < full quart amounts.
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Here is perhaps a better answer.

Drain your oil, and refill it to 3 liters. Then read your dipstick. If it is between the lines then you should be okay.

However, by not using the full amount prescribed, you are:

- providing less lubrication to hold contaminants in suspension. This means the oil is not working as efficiently as it should.

- playing Russian Roulette if you burn or leak oil.

Why would you (anyone) do this deliberately? Car makers prescribe specific amounts of engine oil for a reason(s).
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Another thought - why use 21% less oil than recommended?

Have you checked to see if 3 liters is between the lines?

@jn2k108 - if the level is between the lines then everything should work properly. The between-the-lines range is a cushion for losses. Almost no one checks their oil level enough.
If you really have to make it work with only 3L, I guess just drain 3L trying to leave the .7L in there. Better than not changing it at all...
He was 'just curious.'
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