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Of course there are many other competing rear strut bars that have been released over the years for the 9th Gen Civic, but we decided to up the bar a bit (no pun intended) and bring in a REAL carbon fiber ultra-rigid rear strut bar for all you 9th Gen peeps.

I believe this is the only real carbon fiber one on the market, and we priced it aggressively for this initial shipment. The price will most likely be going up on the next stocking order. That said, a forum discount is still available, so be sure to PM if you're interested!

SiriMoto Phase 2 Carbon Fiber Rear Strut Bar
The SiriMoto Phase 2 Carbon Fiber Strut Bar is designed with function and form in mind. These strut bars feature real carbon fiber for both strength and durability. The brackets are fully adjustable and made from precision machined aluminum. Optional bushings are also available for added response. Made specifically to strengthen your Honda Civic's chassis, SiriMoto Phase 2 Carbon Fiber Strut Bars are very effective at making sure your vehicle handles as well as it possibly can.

Key Points:

* Enhanced performance - Greater feedback under aggressive driving situations.
* Stability and Predictability - Increase responsiveness of the steering feel.

* Quick and easy install.
* Quality - Made from real carbon fiber and precision machined aluminum.
* Maximize performance - While looking great, it is positioned for performance.
* Carefully implements specialized materials to provide strength while minimizing weight.
* Covered by a 1 Year Limited Warranty.

* Real carbon fiber tube with a dry (matte) carbon style finish.
* Red anodized aluminum brackets.
* Adjustable length - Can provide suspension pre-load.
* SiriMoto decal is not pre-installed on the bar.
* Weighs in at only 580 grams (compared to the typical 900 grams from other manufacturers).
* Optional replacement polyurethane shock bushings for added suspension response.

Product link for pricing and to purchase: SiriMoto Phase 2 Carbon Fiber Strut Bar for 15 14 13 12 11 Honda Civic

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