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I'll be getting a 2012/13 Civic LX, 5MT in the next few months. Kinda leaning towards the 2013. I would think that there may still be a few 2012's lurking around until then, esp in a 5sp.
(Just waiting for an employment situation to pan out, that was supposed to happen in Jan but has been pushed to early spring.)

Anyway, I'll be financing for the longest term, 84 mo, in order to keep payments low initially, and then just pay it off early, as I save money with my new job.

I am looking for suggestions on getting the most bang for my buck. I realize that the dealer has to make a profit, but I'd like to get as low a payment/price as possible.
I'm not a confrontational type of person, but I don't want to be taken advantage of. I just want a fair deal.

I'd like to include a few accessories to start, and then add more later on.

I'm still on the fence about a 2012 vs '13. I don't really need the Back up Camera (although nice to have), and I'm not too concerned about the cheaper interior, except maybe the cheap carpet issue, and the supposed creaks & squeaks, as mentioned by some. Right now I'm open either way.

Comments & Suggestions welcome. Thanks! No rush, as I won't be purchasing immediately but I'd like to be well prepared!​
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