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P2R graphite exhaust gaskets

1.6mm thick and are made out of a
flexible solid graphite material that can withstand extreme temperatures.
These gaskets seal so well that they can even help you seal on manifolds with
warped flanges. As always our gaskets are built right here in the USA
using high quality standards.
K Series Exhaust Manifold Gasket
P4101 (OEM gasket 18115-PRB-A01)
02-05 Civic SI
06-11 Civic SI
02-06 RSX
04-08 TSX
02-09 CRV
03-07 Accord etc...
$38 shipped


K24 R40 Exhaust manifold gasket
P4161 (OEM gasket 18115-R40-A01)
12+ Civic SI
09+ TSX
10+ CRV
$38 shipped


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