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If these simple rules cannot be followed your thread/post will be deleted without notification.

9thGenCivic For Sale Section Rules

Start your post with the appropriate Subject Prefix in the subject field to verify what your sale thread is about
Examples of a good sale post's subject: "FS: Graphite 17" Wheels, slightly used". Please be as descriptive as possible in your sale posts. If you are selling your Civic you must include the VIN (vehicle identification number).

Price MUST be included in all for sale threads.

ALL threads in the For Sale section must include at least one accurate picture of good quality of the item(s) for each sale or trade. Photo(s) must be included at initial time of posting. No "I'll post a picture later" excuses. The picture must include the following:
  • A legible sign with the following information: your user name, 9thgencivic.com, and today's date. The sign must be separate and physically on a piece of paper. No photoshop or paint text allowed on top of your picture.
  • Each individual item if you are selling several items or multiple items, like wheels or anything that goes in sets. If you are selling four wheels you should have at least four photographs (at least one of each wheel)
  • A photograph of any damage.
  • Each and every part/cable/component that comes with it is required to be in the photo(s). The exception to that rule would be if the item(s) clearly specify that it is "unopened and sealed from the factory" (NIB).
The For Sale area is not for whoring. If we witness evidence of a users spamming replies and posts just to get their post count up, they will be banned. If we witness evidence of a users spamming replies and posts just to get their post count up, they will be banned.

The Original Poster (OP), and only the OP, is allowed 2 bumps per day.

NO COMMERCIAL POSTING ALLOWED! All commercial posts will be deleted and user is subject to account ban! The For Sale Section is not for businesses to advertise or unload goods. If you post more than one of the same item for sale that is considered selling for profit and will not be permitted here. Any company interested in advertising their goods and services at 9thgencivic should go through the proper channels to do so.

No selling items that are not yours. An example of this is the following: "I'm selling this for a friend of mine". Your thread will be deleted.

9th generation Civic parts, accessories, etc. ONLY. Items must be specifically usable on the 9th generation Civic models. Only 9th generation Civic models can be sold here. Mobile audio/video and radar detectors are okay. Game systems and laptop computers are NOT acceptable. No selling your Spider-Man comics or Barbie collection. Your thread will be deleted.

Testing Waters (TW) Threads are NOT allowed. An example of this would be: "I am going to eventually if anyone might possibly be interested one day sometime in the future remove my downpipe, exhaust, intake, etc." Your thread will be deleted.

Group Buys - Group Buys are considered commercial as well and ARE NOT allowed in the For Sale Section.

Post Your Price. NO auction-type sales! No "Best Offer" sales! Running your sale like an auction is not acceptable in the For Sale Section. We find this to be a highly dishonest form of selling. There is nothing stopping the seller from telling one member he/she got a higher offer through Private Messaging or Email, when they really didn't. So in short, you must list sale prices in your sale post! No further explanation needed. If you post an auction type sale, it will be removed and you will be flagged with a warning to your account.

No eBay/Craigslist links to stuff you're selling. If you are selling something on eBay/Craigslist, etc... fine. You don't need to post it here.

Rules put in place by the seller. You must have all the guidelines that pertain to the sale outlined in the first post when the thread is opened. Yet again, this is to protect both the buyer and seller from ending up in a situation that is detrimental to both parties. Changing the rules of the sale after the thread has been started will lead to an immediate thread closure. No questions asked.

No Public Bid-Wars or Price Bashing! Show common courtesy to the person that is selling their item. Do not reply to their post in a negative manner with "I will sell anyone the same (item) for $20.00 less!". If you can offer it cheaper, start your own sale post. Don't encroach on another members sale post. That is thread jacking and is a warnable offense.

Accepting deposits/payments. Due to complications stemming from past transactions we will not allow any transactions involving making payments, or deposits to hold an item from here on out. This is not only to protect the buyers from losing their hard-earned money in a sale gone awry, but also to protect the sellers from entering an agreement that could lead to more trouble than you possibly could’ve considered.

PayPal Policy. If you are the seller you must post a fixed price, and prepare to absorb the PayPal fees associated with accepting money through their site. You cannot add an additional percentage fee for accepting PayPal per their terms of service, and breaking this can result in your PayPal account being closed. No Surcharges. You agree that you will not impose a surcharge or any other fee for accepting PayPal as a payment method. You may charge a shipping/handling fee in connection with the sale of goods, as long as the shipping/handling fee does not operate as a surcharge and is not higher than the shipping/handling fee you charge for non-PayPal transactions. PayPal Payment Method: If you are accepting PayPal, you may not ask the buyer to send you the money as a gift. Doing so avoids PayPal's fees and may or may not be against their "Terms of Service Agreement". It also removes the buyer's ability to dispute a payment if a issue arises. Sellers who are found to be doing this will lose their ability to use the Marketplace on 9thgencivic.

Closing Your Thread. Users should post when they have sold the item in the For Sale thread. If you have multiple items for sale please update your thread when an item has sold. When all of the items in the For Sale thread have been sold, please post that everything has been sold. Please create a new post and a moderator/admin will close the thread. This will help keep things clean, and it will prevent users from clicking into threads where items have already been purchased by another member. Please do not modify the original post by deleting everything and replacing it with "Closed".

Old threads. Threads without any postings for thirty or more days will be closed and deleted without warning. If you're selling stuff please let people know if it is still for sale or not. Threads older than thirty days old will be treated as "dead threads" and your indication as a seller to the moderators to close and delete your thread.

New User Restriction. To protect our members from quick buck scammers and to weed out commercial profit scrubs, you must have 31+ viable posts and be a member (including VIP) for at least 45 days in order to sell anything in the Marketplace.

We thank you all for your cooperation. Keeping this forum clean will make for a better experience for everyone. :) 9thgencivic.com Staff

9thgencivic.com/moderators/admin are in no way responsible for any transaction that takes place through this site. If you have any questions or concerns, please ask one of the moderators. There are a lot of us and we can help you navigate through the requirements to sell things on the site. Again, if your post does not include a picture of the item(s) with a piece of paper with the following on it: your name, date, and 9thgencivic.com, your post will be deleted.
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