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I'd recommend using a Genuine Kia Hyundai positive battery terminal part number: 91860-2F021QQK or Toyota positive battery terminal part number: 90982-05054 with an eyelet connector splice to the existing wires because the Honda terminals seem to be of very poor quality.
Just did this on a Honda Accord using the Toyota positive battery clamp.

I used Selterm brand tinned copper crimp-on eyelets for a pair of 6AWG cables and used my TEMCo TH0005 V2.0 hydraulic crimper to tightly join them to the original cable (minus the original clamp).

Odds are you won't know anybody who has that type of crimping tool, and a mech will charge you an hour of labor almost equal to the price of that tool. On that note...

I also had this issue, but I just bought a terminal cap and called it a day.
This is a common, lowest-cost and very effective solution for Honda positive battery terminal clamps.

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