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problems w/ my Tein S-tech Springs

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hey y'all

just installed a set of tein s-techs on my 2015 coupe and I have a terrible clunk in the rear. I am 99% sure the springs are seated correctly, so I'm starting to believe I broke the sway bar end links when putting the lowering kit on. Has anyone had this issue or have any recommendations?

I might also add there is a periodical metal on metal noise in direct variation to wheel speed in the driver side front wheel well but that may be due to the fact my buddy dropped a 14mm through the strut tower housing.

anything helps, thanks.
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If im not mistaken there was some sort of TSB for a clunk in the rear related to the stock suspension so whatever that was might have come to light with the install of the lowering springs. I will try and find it and post an edit w/ the info, but i'd start there if you cant see any obvious physical damage anywhere.

also the metal on metal sound AFTER the 14mm was dropped most likely answers your question. I would try to get that out ASAP to avoid anything breaking or being damaged, OR more importantly something bad happening while you're on the highway / at a high speed.
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