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ProCivic's November 2015 ROTM submissions for both sedans and coupes

All 9th gen coupes and sedans of all trims FG3/FG4/FB2/FB6 are welcomed to participate!
If you guys don't already know the rules, here's a brief overview:

- Multiple pictures in one image is not allowed
- Every 9thGenCivic Sedan/Coupe is allowed to add submissions
- Each member is allowed a single submission of up to 5 images. All Extra's ARE ignored!
- In that members' submission, you are allowed to swap and change out the 5 images as you wish until the end of the month
- If you want, post up a list of your mods to let everybody know what you have done to your ride.
- ROTM submissions end at the end of each month, and will be voted for an entire month after that.
(such as: September Submissions in August, voting in September)
- If you have entered in the previous month, you are ineligible for the following month
- If you have won the ROTM, you must wait 12 months before making a new submission
-YOU CANNOT POST PICS TO LINKS. Either attach or link via tags. All links from this thread on are NOT accepted.
[B]- If you are found to violate site rules and it results in your account being either banned, or restricted. Or if you request that you be banned from the site, your submissions will automatically be eliminated from the competition.[/B][/B][/B][/B][/COLOR][/B][/COLOR][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/COLOR][/B][/COLOR][B][B][B][B]- Keep in mind that the first to enter on Submissions post is how they will appear on the voting selection! Get your name in first!
- Most importantly, have fun, take some nice new pics and enjoy this month's submissions :smile:

[I]Submissions end on October 31st, 2015

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Mods : Kraftwerks Supercharger 110mm pulley, 1000cc grams injectors / grams fuel pump
Airforce air suspension with accuair e level management
AG wheels f142
Full race exhaust
Rv6 catless downpipe
Buddyclub camber arms
Project kics r40 lugnuts
Turbosmart BOV
Retrofitted dual projector/ quad halo headlights.
Buddyclub short shifter
Shunk2 shift knob


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That build looks very beastly. I need cleaner HD shots before I try my hand at this.

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Can i still submit? Only 1140PST

ImageUploadedByAG Free1446359562.171077.jpg ImageUploadedByAG Free1446359584.625193.jpg ImageUploadedByAG Free1446359595.376916.jpg ImageUploadedByAG Free1446359611.894240.jpg ImageUploadedByAG Free1446359626.910588.jpg

-HPS hose
-buddy club crank pully
-test pipe
-injen axel back
-iketh tuned
-weight reduction(2820lbs)

-HIC window visors
-HIC Rear visor
-Ez lip
-30% tint
-cleared amber lights
-fog light yellow film
-chrome delete
-HID 6K low beams

-White LED floor lights
-Skunk2 Shift knob
-map and dome lights

-Willwod 4 pot BBK
-FKX subframe brace
-Fkx xbrace
-Fkx front tie bar
-Fkx camber arms
-Godspeed mono RS

-Kosei Racing 17in
-Hankook v12, 215/45/17

-14.7et, fontana speedway untuned
-2820lbs(with spare tire and full interior)

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