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ProCivic's October 2014 ROTM submissions for both sedans and coupes

NOTE: Even though there is only one ROTM per month, there are still two prizes. Both winners will receive the prizes from Pro Civic, but the first place winner will be on the front page of 9th Gen Civic Site News.

All 9th gen coupes and sedans of all trims FG3/FG4/FB2/FB6 are welcomed to participate!

If you guys don't already know the rules, here's a brief overview:
- New Rule: Multiple pictures in one image is not allowed
- Every 9th gen Civic Sedan is allowed to add submissions
- Each member is allowed a single submission of up to 5 images. All Extra's ARE ignored!
- In that members' submission, you are allowed to swap and change out the 5 images as you wish until the end of the month
- If you want, post up a list of your mods to let everybody know what you have done to your ride.
- ROTM submissions end at the end of each month, and will be voted for an entire month after that.
(such as: September Submissions in August, voting in September)
- If you have entered in the previous month, you are ineligible for the following month
- If you have won the ROTM, you must wait 12 months before making a new submission
-YOU CANNOT POST PICS TO LINKS. Either attach or link via tags. All links from this thread on are NOT accepted.
[B]- If you are found to violate site rules and it results in your account being either banned, or restricted. Or if you request that you be banned from the site, your submissions will automatically be eliminated from the competition.[B]

- Keep in mind that the first to enter on Submissions post is how they will appear on the voting selection! Get your name in first!
- Most importantly, have fun, take some nice new pics and enjoy this month's submissions :smile:

[I]Submissions end on September 30th, 2014

[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][CENTER][B][B][B][B][B][COLOR=#ff0000][SIZE=3][B]PRO Civic is the biggest source for Honda Civic parts and accessories.
[B]Telephone Number: 1-877-762-4842, Email:[/B][/B][/SIZE][/COLOR][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][SIZE=3][B][EMAIL="[email protected]"][COLOR=#0000ff][email protected][/COLOR][/EMAIL][/B][/SIZE][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B]

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First and for most, no harm done if I can't be part of this competition. Figure it's RIDE of the month, just for fun, and there's always two winners so why not give it a try. Also... they made me do it I swear!.. Those pesky 9thgenners! :grouphug:

I've enjoyed these forums very much and everyone is very friendly... more so than my Acura forum. haha

For those that don't know me. My name is Jonathan. I came here at the request of a fellow Acura owner/9th genner.
I own a Honda Civic in Wolf's Clothing... a 2013 Acura ILX 2.0tech.
It has the heart of any R series powered Civic and most modification done are for the 9thGen Civic... or has been put on one.

H&R Progressive Springs ('13 civic)
Takeda Retain Intake ('13 civic)
Megan Racing 2.5" Downpipe ('12 civic)
Megan Racing Rear Tie-bar ('13 civic)
Falken Ziex Tires 225/45
Gorilla Forged Steel Racing Lug Nuts with locks
Work Wheels 3pc forged VS-MX 18x8 +35
Wheels now discontinued. Refinished Metallic Gunmetal with Gold bolts.

OEM Acura front lip
2006 Subaru STI front splitter
VIP style Roof spoiler
20% Black Diamond rear tint
Front window tint strip
Lamin-X fog covers
Nokya Yellow Fog Bulbs
YoSpeed custom battery tie down ('13 civic)
Cree LED 80w DRLs
Other LED replacements
SOHC i-Vtec decals

45GB Upgraded Internal Memory
Elliot Scheiner 10 Speaker Surround Sound with deactivated ANC
OEM All-Season Mats
OEM Trunk Tray
OEM First Aid Kit
VIP bs like Tsuna Knot
AirSpencer Squash
DIY Stone Brewing cup holders
& Dressed-up rear reflectors

Very soon lexus oem chrome door handle retrofit, and interior vinyl CF wrap.
New Year holds coilovers, exhaust, and rebuilding wheels.
Couple years down the line she'll be on bags and f/i.

My goal is a VIP car that parks real low but on the road can easily keep up with tuned SIs and Subarus.

Thanks to those that told me to enter.
No harm nor foul if I cant compete in Ride of the Month here at the 9th.

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Hey all! I figured I would give this a go this time around before the white stuff covers the ground and all happiness. :) I have tried many different cars, and I dare to say this car is more fun than my 2012 STI! I purchased her last October, and I can't wait to spend many more years together. Maybe a SC or Turbo in the future. Honda FTW! :)

Current Modifications in order of Change:

Window Tint (35% rear and 50% in the front. ND Rules…
Top Window Tint Strip
205/55R16 WS70 Blizzak Snow tires (Tire Rack)
Honda Rubber mats and trunk tray (Honda)
12" Boston Sub and Kicker 300.1 amplifier (Previous Car)
custom packers cup holder cover (YOSPEED)
Debadged all rear badges and removed DOHC Stickers on the side
HFP Suspension (College Hills Honda)
Buddy Club Short Shifter (team3d)
Shifter Base and Cable bushings (Hybrid Racing)
Blox Racing Limited Platinum spherical shift knob (Blox Racing)
Full Race 3” catted Downpipe (axionindustries)
Vit Tune (www.vittuned.com)
Hondata Flash pro
Progress 24mm Rear Sway bar (team3d)
Boomba Racing Engine mounts (front and rear) (Boomba Racing)
JDM Steering wheel emblem (corsport)
Red Interior illumination kit (Diode Dynamics)
LED license plate, trunk, map, and dome bulbs from (diode dynamics)
Full Race 3” catback exhaust (axionindustries)Hybrid Racing base and cable
Custom Door sills (YOSPEED)
Yellow Fog light film (Slickmod on Ebay)
smoked backup light tint (Slickmod on Ebay)
JDM emblems on front and rear (Pro Civic)
Injen CAI (V2 "true CAI) 3.5 inches... Amazing!


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Damn, hope there is a rule against voting for your own car cause I know I'm not voting for mine now.

Also added 2 more pics..

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I agree. I love this color more than any other color I have owned.

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I love it. The shine is great and gets a killer reflection even a week after wash.
And the days following a good wash the metallic flake shine is nuts. I love it.

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Did you search out the color, our did you take it, because that was what was available?
I wanted a red Si but Honda didn't sell Si's in red in Canada at the time wtf. Almost got SOP but decided not to I still like that color a lot. Basically had a deal done on a white Si but when I went to the dealership I saw a PMM Si Coupe for the first time. The color really caught my eye looked way better in person than in pictures, it had a nice subtle pop so I told the dealer screw it order me a PMM Si sedan. Couldn't be happier ever since also nice that PMM Si are not so common.

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I initially wanted a pmm 2.4 without tech or navigation.
They only had white and black.
Test drove the 2.4 twice and honestlyit wasn't what I wanted anymore. The gearing was really aggressive and it felt like a race car... not what I wanted. I made a comment or two about it and the sales rep called me after the second test drive and asked if I wanted to test the 2.0 tech they had. Said he could give me a great deal and it's pmm.
I checked it out and actually enjoyed it. Quick enough but it was the luxury I wanted with the better audio, navi, larger screen, and such. So I jumped on it.

Love that pmm.

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I originally was going to get black, because I am a glutton for punishment. I have owned cars across all spectrums off the rainbow, but black is so sharp when it is clean. No other color have me so much pride and disappointment after a wash. :) The PMM spoke to me as well. It said, "I look sharp after a wax too!" I love the metallic specs in the paint. Everyone thinks I have her a custom paint job! She's definitely sharp. PMM kicks butt! :)

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I feel it is the best of both worlds, like the silver was for a while, but now gunmetal rains supreme.

Black looks the best after a wash, but gets dirty so quick.
White, oddly seems to take a bit longer to look dirty, but never pops like black can.

Gunmetal, or our PMM, pops nearly as much as the black, but the metallic as you mentioned is killer, and it takes at least a week before it starts to look dirty. Washing the car once a week leaves my neighbors thinking the car is NEVER dirty.

Did Honda just discontinue PMM for the civic?? Acura did for the ILX. Its an Urban Titanium or something now. Need to buy up all the PMM touch up paint while we can!!
Acura also discontinued the ILX Hybrid so Im about to swoop on the hybrid spoiler and front air dams before they cant be found. Woot! :cheerleader1:
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