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  • Hella JDM

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  • Toyota Corolla

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Well.... I wonder who will be the winner for this month... Let's vote!

Hella JDM

RSD Intensity intake with DEI Titanium wrap
RV6 downpipe with DEI Titanium wrap
Torque Solution 90a exhaust mount
Hondata Flashpro tuned by Vit
K-Tuned dipstick
White powdercoated valve cover
Password JDM carbon Kevlar coil pack cover
Spoon magnetic drain plugs
PRL SS clutch line
Hybrid Racing shift bushings
Hybrid Racing EM1 CMC with Motul RPF 660 fluid
Hasport 62a rear mount
FEELS radiator cap
JUN oil cap
Odyssey PC680 battery
Ktuned battery tie down.

Buddyclub short shifter
Corsport shifter base bushings
Mugen CRZ shift knob
Bride shift boot
Broadway 270mm convex mirror
FEELs shift pattern plate

Ceramic window tint
OEM window visors
JDM DC5 rear emblem
JDM FD2 front emblem
Password JDM CF gurney flap
Bayson R front lip

Suspension, Wheels and Brakes
Buddy Club P1 SF Challenge 18x7.5 wheels
Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 225/40/R18 tires
Buddy Club N+ coilovers
Buddy Club rear camber arms
Polyurethane rear shock tower bushings
Ultra Racing 4 point front brace
FKX rear trunk cross brace
FKX X brace
FKX front tie bar
Russell Speed Bleeders
Goodridge SS brake lines
Motul RPF 660 fluid
Progress 24mm rear sway bar
Moog rear end links
Moog front end links

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Could be worse, when i entered the only vote i got was my own...thats why im never entering again
You got to be selective when to enter lol, winter months are good not so many done up rides around but summer alot more hardcore builds showup.
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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