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I'm considering buying a Full-Race turbo kit (full-race . com/store/borg-warner-efr/efr-turbo-kits/honda-9th-gen-civic-si-k-series-efr-turbo-kit-2012-2015/ links are not permitted because of my post count, hopefully this is fine) with the 7670 and I have a few questions for those a bit more savvy than I. I've never installed a turbo and read the Full-Race turbo is one of the easiest to install. I've done minor things to my old 97 civic, replacing a radiator and thermostat by watching youtube videos, but nothing of this magnitude, and nothing on my current car.

I'm a bit confused on some of the options and was hoping someone could shed some light for me. What purpose does the ceramic coating serve? And what exactly is the purpose of the IWG upgrades? How do I know which one is the right one, if I should get the upgrade? Also, should I get the optional 3" downpipe? Or are there better alternatives? And as for the actual installation, what will I need to do to prepare my car for a turbo? Anything specific? I hear that the 4th gear is pretty weak. If I do need to get a tranny rebuild, any ideas on how much people are charging for something like that or is removing the tranny and rebuilding it myself viable for someone with little mechanical experience? Or is installing it on stock fine? I know I'll probably need to get a Hondata FlashPro, but should I go that route first or does it not matter?

I'll probably be doing the installation myself as a learning exercise, but I can't seem to find a video of an install being performed. If I do have to take it to a tuner shop, how much should I expect to pay for an install (rough guesstimate)?

My goal is to get 300whp. I eventually want to get to 500whp (which I'm aware will require a lot more effort and rebuilding the motor and tranny for sure). Also, I've seen people mention mileage but my car has only 34k miles on it.
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