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I was curious where everyone goes to Drag Race or Road Race??

Here in Utah we are lucky to have the Miller Motorsports Park! It is amazing and one of the best if not the best road racing tracks on North America. I think I'm going on Saturday the 25th of February as it's an Open Track Day.Opened in 2006, MMP encompasses more than 500 acres in Tooele, Utah. The masterwork of renowned track designer Alan Wilson and visionary Larry H. Miller, this is North America’s longest and safest road course. Multiple configurations host competitions ranging from World Superbike to Grand-Am Prototypes to Super Karts. Also Wide Open Wednesday (WOW) is a unique program presented by Miller Motorsports Park once per month between May and September that allows enthusiasts to drive their street or race-prepared car at speed on our world-class racetrack in a non-competitive environment, as well as an autocross course, karting and off-roading. No previous racing or on-track experience is required. What's else is cool is that Miller Motorsports Park and Ford Racing have joined forces to create the Ford Racing High Performance Driving School, the only one of its kind. Here is the link to their site Motorcycle Riding & Driving School | Racing & Group Events | Miller Motorsports Park and here is a link to a review/briefing of the track if anyone is interested APEX Tracks | Miller Motorsports Park | APEX Trackdays

As far as Drag Racing we have Rocky Mountain Raceway (RMR) which is fun and the Midnight Drags are entertaining. The Track doesn't open till April though. here is their link Rocky Mountain Raceways

Any other Utah people in here or folks who have been to either of these tracks??
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