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Hi Everyone,

So I'm going to try to make this post as detailed as I possibly can.

So I recently purchased a 2012 Civic LX Sedan and everything was great until the car started acting like it was overheating.

I had been driving for maybe 20 min went to pass and the car stopped accelerating and acted like it was pegging out revs at 3500rpm and refused to shift (no lights of any kind).

Once I finally stopped and got to where I was going I popped the hood and could hear hissing or a boiling sound from the bottom of the engine under the alternator (It's been like this every time I've remembered to check since).

Let the car sit and got back in it a couple of hours later went to go refill rad fluid thinking that was the issue but that was full and fine.

Previous to this I took the car to the dealership because it was shifting funny and the flushed/changed all fluids, did a tuneup, and cleaned the throttle body, then I replaced front and rear shocks.

The car didn't have any issues again for almost 6 weeks then started reproducing the problem fairly regularly (once every couple of days). So I decided to take it back to the dealer to let them have a look at it. They had it for almost 3 days and couldn't reproduce the problem until they were about to return it to me. They did a full diagnostic of the computer and the car wasn't throwing any codes nor had it thrown any codes recently. The tech scratched his head and couldn't come up with a smoking gun but suggested to replace the alternator because the amperage was off. I did that and it worked again for a few weeks but then the problem started to come back. One time out of the maybe 30 that this happened after replacing the alternator I got the check engine light and these there warnings: Check Power Steering System, Check VSA System, Check Emission System.

It was late and I was unable to to have the codes run and those lights have not returned since. When this happened I had power steering for sure. Also for more information if it helps; I do seem to notice that the engine starts running slightly sluggish and my MPG drops from about 30 to about 25, and the car seems to have trouble shifting into 1st. It's only after this phase that the REV limit kicks in.

I'm losing my mind trying to troubleshoot the problem and the dealership has no idea what's going on mainly because it's hard to reproduce the problem and it doesn't throw codes when it does have the problem.

Sorry for the long winded post, but any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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