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Couple questions if this is happening to anyone else with the same setup (Skunk2 MegaPower RR Exhaust, Skunk2 Alpha Series Header, and K&N Intake).1. Used to have a rattle with the muffler hitting a thin sheet of metal under the trunk.

Bent the metal now I haven't had any rattle in a month(Thank Jesus). Except when a couple days ago it started raining and it started rattling somewhat near the front. Happens every time it rains now for some reason. Have to keep low rpm

or it sounds like something is going to come off. Lifted the car and checked all the bolts and everything is tight, any clues on what is going on? 2.About a week after installing the skunk2 alpha headers il go from a gear to neutral and the RPM

will go to 0.5 for a second then it will drop to 0 then rev to 1.5.

Still new to working on cars so if its something obviously I do apologize!
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