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Registration Question

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In a hypothetical situation, if one were to aquire Flashpro and in the process of registering the device but the only option that would allow them to move forward was "outside the US", would one get any form of communication from Hondata or the EPA about proving one's vehicle was registered outside the US? Once again, all hypothetical, just curious about what ramifications would occur should such events take place.
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No idea, try it and report back lol
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Mainly curious on how to register, it won't let you move forward as a street car, so that means that everyone either has a racing license number or it is register outside the US. I just curious if it would think my car us EU or JDM or something if that route were to be taken. Also, with everything going on with Tuning, it adds a lot of questions. Lol, I remember with things were easy.
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