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We Recently purchased a 2012 Si and the IMiD screen was bad (hard to see with full brightness). Probably heat damage from the southern climate.
Stock part number was 78260-TR7-A210
Could not find this specific part but found a similar # on eBay. 78260-TR7-C220. This part was from Canada, so I took a chance that it was the same. Only difference I can see is the passenger airbag “off” symbol. Original had the words, Canada part has the symbol.

we followed the removal found in this video on YouTube:
To get the top dash piece out it was helpful to pull from the forward edge toward you.

This picture was after all dash pieces removed. About to disconnect it all.

Tested before putting it all back.

Test drive after dash put back.

Fairly simple. Took less than an hour total.
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