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For all you RSX and SI Guys we are having an all motor dyno shoot out!! On feb.17th Sunday.we are giving away drag cartel DIC cams! All competitors must register their car for the shoot out once here at the shop,maximum of 4 pulls 10 dollars each pull.whoever gets the highest dyno numbers with a stock NA motor wins free drag cartel cams with installation and dyno tuning.this is an offer you can't pass up!! Motors must have stock/factory internals,bolt ons and e85/race fuel is accepted.be honest with what you have and if not the dynojet doesn't lie.come by on feb. 17th to k-Phonix dyno,to have a chance to win some drag cartel cams.
also if you or anyone else you may know has an all motor K swap vehicle we are having a shoot out as well for K-swap vehicles.who ever has the most HP reading on an all motor k-swap open to any modification done to the motor as long as it stays all motor,no forced induction allowed and or nitrous open to any fuel.winner of this shoot out wins a complete k-tuned fuel system kit.
Call for more info:
Jp:786 226 4255
Kris:786 339 0649 address:10780 sw 190 st Miami florida 33157
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