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Safest way to enable a burble tune

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So I’m contemplating the idea of a burble tune. Nothing crazy like big gunshots but just a few pops here and there. I’m using ktuner atm and I’ve seen some people enable burbles through the timing and some through the fuel cut settings.I also read that if I program the burbles to take place at a higher rpm that I could avoid my cylinders getting fuel washed. If I can safely enable Burble through fuel cut what values should I have set?
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My MINI (actually all MINIs of that vintage) came with a 'burble tune' built in. It sounded cool, but isn't it the result of a less than 'perfect' tune? Seems to be a foolish trade-off.
All BMW/mini have it when you put it in sport mode. It’s fine for those cars since most of them have forced induction.
Mine was a 2005 Cooper 5MT and didn't have forced induction or a sport mode or any modes, for that matter. But it sure did sound good on trailing throttle.
So you had a justa. My r56 justa was the same after I did the resonator and muffler delete but it also had sport mode
And, on top of that, at the time I was a member of NAM. A member there built us a custom muffler according to what the R50 members wanted. I bought one and the thiing sounded great.
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