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Should I re-upload the base Hondata tune to my car after experiencing P0602 code and having my computer fried

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After a month of having my car tuned with my flashpro I came across a code for P0602 ECM/PCM failure and ending up needing to replace my computer due to its inability to roll over. Before any of this happened I had ended up replacing a MAF sensor and putting a new positive terminal on the car and it ran fine until a few hours later when I needed to go to town it wouldn’t start. Long story short I ended up going to Honda and getting a replacement computer and reprogrammed. Just in need of some opinions if I should retune the car with the base map or leave it be for a while as I’m unsure if hondata was the root of the cause or just unlucky timing.
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Is the hondata still locked to old ecu? Or did you get a change to unlock it.
I’ve never ran into this issue when flashing the car,but have hear of people having issues time to time when uploading a new file.

If it would of corrupted the ecu it should of happened immediately after the calibration upload not some time after I believe.
I didn’t get a chance to unlock it as it was on the truck to go to a different city that had a Honda dealership while my computer and cord for the hondata was 2 hours away. I’m worried this is gonna be an issue as my old ecu is locked to my flashpro
If your car is modded you'd have to return the car to stock before going back to base map.
No I don’t should I get it back?
So I’m essentially fucked if I can’t get it back eh
I think you can pay a fee to have it unlocked but it’s practically the same price as a new unit, email them.

Was the old ecu in recovery mode? Also did you try and send hondata any feedback through the flashpro manager when connected to the computer to try and diagnosis the problem before the ecu change?
Oh great….
Im not exactly sure on the recovery mode for the ECU but it wasn’t letting me start the car almost as if I had a dead battery.

Heres the kicker I was unable to send anything to hondata as my laptop and cord were at my house while I was visting my family an hour and a half a way. The car ended up being towed to the closest Honda dealership about an hour away from me. I’ve contacted hondata and have sent them all the relevant info. I clearly wasn’t even thinking when this all happened… the idea to unlock the flashpro from my original ECU didn’t even register as I was to focused on making back home and ready for work the next day with my daily commuter. Kicking my self in the ass but I’m in the process of trying to get ahold of the dealership to get my old ecu back and waiting to hear back from Hondata.
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