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Should I re-upload the base Hondata tune to my car after experiencing P0602 code and having my computer fried

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After a month of having my car tuned with my flashpro I came across a code for P0602 ECM/PCM failure and ending up needing to replace my computer due to its inability to roll over. Before any of this happened I had ended up replacing a MAF sensor and putting a new positive terminal on the car and it ran fine until a few hours later when I needed to go to town it wouldn’t start. Long story short I ended up going to Honda and getting a replacement computer and reprogrammed. Just in need of some opinions if I should retune the car with the base map or leave it be for a while as I’m unsure if hondata was the root of the cause or just unlucky timing.
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If your car is modded you'd have to return the car to stock before going back to base map.
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