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whats up guys this is "our_daily_slick" car club. we are not just about civics so call cars are welcome. we are a new club and we currently have cars in Inland empire and Palm Springs. We are a car club thats just looking for people who share the same interest and are just looking to have fun in building up there cars.


1. car must be lowered with a engine mod and/or wheels

2. must have your car slick an presentable at all times

3.must come around and hang out with club members (it may be at a car meet or just at someones house)

4.respect one another and other car clubs (we are not a drama filled club)

5. have good vibes an good intentions

6. HAVE FUN!!!!!


President will present sticker once club feels you've been around enough so we can get to know you

(must be posted on front wind shield) your choice in location

i can set up a meet up for people who are interested just pm me or post in the thread


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Kajer, that’s a terrible thing to say.

This club sounds like your basic real-life car or motorcycle club, and not a ‘sign up on line’ club.

Real-life clubs operate similarly to each other, much in the way the OP has described, have been around for dozens and dozens of years, and work well for the people who care to join them.
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