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Are you coming out?

South Jersey Cruise to LBI |

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Whats up everyone !

This Saturday Supreme Autoworkz in Pennsauken NJ is having a cruise to Long Beach Island, if you're in the area we're all meeting up around 9am at the shop to allow time for pictures/videos and to beat traffic if you're closer to LBI still come hangout with the Supreme Family! I've linked the actual event page that has all the specifics on there. We also throw Friday night meets at the shop too, Hope to see some fellow forum members come out let me know if you have any questions :dancingcoolsmiley:

Facebook LBI event page:

Facebook Friday night meet page:
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Hi, PiDilCE, and welcome to 9th gen.

Many of the posts you are replying to are 3 years old, so don't be surprised if you don't get a response.

You could, however, attempt to organize a meet in your area. Ya never know.
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