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Hey guys! Are you from Sudbury!? Do you own a Honda (Hope so otherwise why are you reading this :p)

I want to schedule a cruise night every second Saturday from 7:00-9:00PM, Starting on the 18th of August.

The cruise consists of some of the nicest roads in our area, and it all very smooth and winding roads. I plan to take a two hour video of the whole loop so that you guys can fast forward though it and look at road conditions etc..

The entire loop is a total of 313km, and will start in Garson.

We will drive down Garson coniston road, and make our way to the bypass to HWY 69. Once on HWY 69 we will drive down to HWY 64 where the real fun begins!

Here is a detailed view of the loop. It can be done either clockwise or counter clockwise :)

PLEASE msg me if your interested or write it here :)

we've got 3 people so far :)

two 9th gen civics and one 8thgen si sedan

ALL details are posted in the Forum's Calendar :)
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