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H2O in hydrant - K9P out
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Hi, Rookie to the Forum.
Just bought a Dyna-Blue LX Sedan and am as happy as punch (See attached photo). After driving a large mini-van for 10 years you can imagine the grin on my face now as I drive something that actually responds to my steering! Memories are flooding back to me of when I used to own a 1988 Prelude 4S (Four Wheel Steering).

ANYWAY, I am going to tint the windows to improve her look, but I find the hubcaps lacking a sporty punch, if you know what I mean. I can't drop a whole bunch of bank on alloys, so I'm looking some sporty looking hubcaps.....that FIT.

There's the catch: there don't seem to be very many 15" - 5 lug (bolt on) wheel covers out there. My ideal wheel cover would look like the 5 spoke alloys on the 8th generation Civics (Ex. 2009 Civic LX-S : See attached photo)

All suggestions very much appreciated.
Cheers! Paul
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