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Clay bars are a plasticine-like material that can remove dirt and contaminants from your car that can otherwise not be removed with a standard car wash. Used correctly, they can help keep your car’s finish looking pristine.

The process of clay bar detailing is simple enough that anyone can do it, provided they have a bit of time. That’s why a lot of clay bar kits are available all over the internet or in most car shops. In order to help you find the best clay bar for your vehicle, we’ve made a list of the Top 15 best Clay Bars you can buy right now.

This clay bar is one of the oldest on the market and is still not disturbed by the newer entries. It’s so simple and can be used with any water-based lubricant for best possible results. The Bilt Hamber Auto Clay Bar Regular is also not as soft as other clay bars, so it’s easier to work with, offering a tactile experience that can’t be matched by any other. It comes coated in powder, which helps in better shaping and is keeping the stiffness of the product.

That stiffness means that it will take more time to use than other clay bars – you’ll need more time to detail your car than other products. On the other hand, it’s easier to work with it on tighter surface areas, like your rims, for example. Another big advantage of the Bilt Hamber clay bar is that it’s light colored, so you will know when it’s time to fold it or stop using it altogether. Although it is a little bit on the expensive side, we think it’s worth it if you want the best care for your vehicle’s paint.


Very easy to work with
Works with any water lubricant
Extremely good at removing contaminants
Easy to work on tight areas
Light colored

Slower to work with
A bit expensive

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