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Good day everyone. My car had picked up a rather peculiar gremlin...

I was driving home from visiting my cousin, and on the Highway/Freeway, I had my 2.2 diesel Civic on cruise control. While going up hill, the car obviously accelerates to maintain or at least try to maintain the set speed. No problem.
Thing is though, when the downhill part comes, the dash suddenly lights up - together with a beep and an Exclamation notification on the little screen - and suddenly shuts off again. The lights and sound are but a single moment long. I eventually turned the cruise control off, and attempted the lift-off, and it did it again! Note as well, that it doesn’t actually do it all the time, but seemingly after either a bit of time on the throttle constantly, even if lightly, or if I’ve been coasting for about 10 seconds or so, then get on the throttle, and off again. Only when I get off the throttle, the lights go on and off, for just a moment and only for a split second. Oh, and just about all the lights on the gauges... ABS, tire pressure monitoring, all of it. I repeated the action of getting off the throttle over and over, and more often than not, dash lit up...
I will try upload the video that I recorded...

Please assist.
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